Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Off-Topic Tuesday: Link Love

'Tis the season ... for a very light workload.  If you find yourself needing some light reading this week, look no further!  Here's a round-up of articles from around the web - a little link love on this Tuesday:

1.  A frequent topic on this blog is the role of female attorneys in the legal profession.  Vivia Chen discusses some recent statistics over at The Careerist:  
2.  Speaking of women executives, Mary Barra's appointment as General Motors' new CEO is big news here in Michigan.  But is GM prepared for the Barra era?  Click here for the story.
3. On the non-compete front, this is an interesting article at The Economist about ways high tech employers are keeping people from changing jobs.
 4.  Social media continuies to be a hot topic in the world of employment law.  The latest news involves the impact posts made on Facebook can have on an employee's job.  Click here for the article.
5.  This one is purely for entertainment!  The Cyber Advocate offers 12 funny gift ideas for lawyers!  Click here for a little comic relief.  Number 8 is my personal favorite!
Happy reading!  I'll be back Thursday with a look at the Uniform Trade Secrets Acts' preemption over state-law claims (and why artful drafting to avoid preemption doesn't work).

Liza Favaro
Non-Compete Counsel

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